Various Edible Insects to Try Out

Edible insects act as a perfect substitute for conservative sources of meat. They are cheap, exceptional, and abundant sources of vitamins, minerals, fat, and protein. As a result, these edible insects have been integrated into some people’s diet. Most importantly, they have been proven to have different nutritional composition and value with respect to the diverse species, insect diet, and stages of development.

Your first taste of any edible insect will inspire your opinion on whether or not you will consider eating it soon. At this point, consumers will come up with different preferences. This is because of the first tasting action. And that is why not all people will prefer the edible insects you cannot stop craving for.

Below are some of the edible insects to try out:

Mopane Worms (Caterpillars)

This is one of the insects with a higher iron content exceeding beef. It has an iron content of 31-77mg per 100g. Consequently, you will really benefit in terms of getting enough iron for your body, thus, keeping anemia at bay. The mopane worms are widely consumed in Southern Africa.

edible insect


Edible insects are well-known for their rich protein content. With this, grasshoppers tend to be the topmost protein providers, with a protein content of total 77.13%. Also known as Chapulines in Mexico, they have a richer protein content than the plants they feed on.

Palm Grubs

They are the most soft-bodied larvae palm weevils, and are mostly consumed in South-east Asia, tropical Africa, and the Americas. Having 69.78% fat content, you will not need additional oil to fry them since you can cook them in their own fat. Besides, you can also eat them in their raw form. Palm grubs add a dense-macronutrient in your meal.


These edible insects have an inclusive nutritional value akin to beef. They are widespread in mild climates, for instance, in Europe. As a result, mass rearing has been put in place for feeding birds and pet industry. This knowledge has been replicated by mealworm-producing companies in the Netherlands, thus, having plenty of them for human consumption.

Precautions to Adhere to When Eating Insects

chickens eating wormsSafety measures are to be adhered to before feasting on these edible insects. This is vital to ascertain if whether you are allergic to them or not. In this regard, people who are sensitive to shellfish should avoid consuming edible insects, lest they become allergic to chitin in insects’ exoskeleton. Since the edible insects’ exoskeleton is comparable to crustaceans’ chitin. You can use the relevant medicine to combat possible allergic reaction in case you are unsure.

Make sure you clean the edible insects before consumption. They may contain harmful products regardless of their clean nature. Therefore, avoid catching edible insects from fields or gardens. Instead, purchase from specialized shops.


Edible insects go a long way to supplying us with significant nutritional value. However, before incorporating them into your diet, ensure you have the first tasting to find out the one that works well for you. Besides, adhering to the necessary precautions before eating them.…