Factors to Consider Before Acquiring a Shop Vac

So maybe you have been running a workshop or an office for some time now, you probably might be looking for something to help you tidy up your working space. A shop vac can be a great appliance when looking for something to clean up the areas effectively. With the variety of shop vas in the market, choosing the best can be tricky especially for someone doing it for the first time. This write-up looks at some key features to look at when shopping for a shop vac.


shop vac

The power rating of a shop vac matters a lot. This feature is normally described in terms of air watts in some units. Ideally, the larger the suction power, the better or more powerful the appliance. High power rating implies that the machine has adequate ability to suck in debris and liquid spills before the surface becomes stained.

Capacity and portability

The capacity of the tank in a shop vac determines the kind of jobs it can handle. However, large-sized tanks tend to have a negative impact on the portability of the shop vac. Thus, as much as you might be looking for a unit with a large capacity, you also need to evaluate the portability or the ergonomics offered by the unit. Portability and location of the unit also determine the maneuverability of the dust extractor.

Ease of use

Machines are meant to help us make work easier. Similarly, shop vacs or dust extractors are meant to make cleaning easy. For instance, if you need to clean both wet spills and pickup some dirt, a god appliance should allow you handle these operations with much ease. Additional attachments like the power tool, kink-resistant hose, and the automatic features are also worth looking at considering that they are meant to make the job easy.


clean workplaceA durable shop vac will certainly give you value for money. There are many things to consider when assessing the durability of the dust collector, and the motor is one of them. The materials used to make some parts of the vacuum are also important. For instance, the drum should be made of a sturdy material and should not corrode. A durable unit assures you of a consistent performance through the years.

These are among the many features to look for when evaluating great shop vacs for dust control. Get a powerful unit for both wet and dry cleanups. The type of accessories along with the features discussed in this article should be on the basis of any purchase. With the right unit, you are assured of a clean home or workshop.