Everyone is afraid of what ageing will do to your physical appearance. The beauty industries have been anticipating this for years, coming up with various creams to prevent the anti-ageing process. However, the ageing process is inevitable, sooner or later it will take its toll. The most significant changes you will see is the drying and sagging of your skin (which will contribute to wrinkles), your teeth beginning to decay, and your hair turning grey. It’s quite horrific for those of you who prioritizes appearance. However, there are ways to  cover these changes, and also postpone it.


girl beauty shootSkin Treatments

Both your facial skin and your body’s skin will loose it’s firmness and it’s supple moisture as you age. For some people, freckles might develop, and not the cute kind. It’s almost impossible to cover everything with cosmetic products, so what you’ll need to do is follow a beauty skin care regime. The best skin care products comes from Korea, as beauticians all over the world have been raving over their face masks, cleansers, and other sets of skin care supplies.

The Koreans follow a 10 step beauty skin care routine at night, where they clean their face with a face wash, and then moisturise it, put on oils and essences, wear a face mask, and so on. There are different routines for different types of skin, but the most important ingredients are the face wash and moisturiser. Make sure whatever you do, you involve cleaning your face and moisturising it every night before bed and after you shower in the morning.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

You don’t want to be walking around with gaps around your teeth, no matter how old you are. You want to flash that beautiful teethy smile for pictures, but how do you do it when your teeth has already been falling out? Thankfully, a lot of dental clinics now provide cosmetic procedures. Clinics such as Think Bizzle and Smile provides procedures such as tooth implants and teeth whitening. So even when your teeth hasn’t fallen out yet, they will turn yellow because of the excess in fluoride, so you’ll want to whiten them. These do not cost a lot and is a worthy investment. In addition, most companies will cover dental procedures, so not a lot will come out of your wallet after all.

Hair Masks and Colouring

The most inevitable change of all is your hair colour. No matter what you do, it will turn grey. You can, however, keep it healthy and prevent it from falling out, as it will do so with ageing. The key to this is nutrition and hair treatments. Nutrition comes from your food, make sure you have a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, because they contain vitamins that is good for your hair. You could also visit the beauty salon for hair treatments such as hair masks to replenish your scalp and hair follicles, and colour your hair if grey just doesn’t suit your style.